About Us

Raydoor began 20 years ago as a flexible and design-oriented solution to dividing space.  The product has branched out from the residential market to address needs for projects in commercial, hospitality and even institutional settings.  Our “Design First” mentality and constant striving for improvement has led to innovative, patented products that allow for broad levels of customization.

The versatility in design extends to very practical concerns like ever-greater numbers of configurations and potential usage scenarios.  Our product range allows architects, interior designers and others to explore truly custom-tailored solutions that when completed blend seamlessly into a space.

We’ve taken our extensive experience in developing room-dividing operable walls and other products and used it to create Raydoor Barrier.  This new offering maintains the high-quality and beautifully crafted aesthetic from our doors and moving walls and applies it to the needs of our current Covid era.  Confronted by ugly sneeze guards everywhere these days, we took the stance of enhancing spaces while also protecting its occupants. We believe something worth doing ought to be done with style.