Let Us Be Part of Your Reopening Story!


Raydoor is in a unique position to help with phased re-opening – we’ve been in the business of dividing spaces for 20 years.  In our 2 decades of experience, we’ve taken a tack towards room division that is different than others.  Our approach has been one of putting aesthetics and versatility first.  That’s not to say that we’ve ignored the other aspects of space division and operable walls – we have innovative, patented hardware and doors that are lightweight and easy to operate.  But with our drive for enhancing the spaces our products are used in, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure that open spaces continue to feel open through the use of translucent and transparent materials.  Instead of making an industrial piece that simply serves a function, Raydoor Sliding Walls and Doors offer levels of customization not found elsewhere, to offer a refined and tailored solution that blends seamlessly into your environment.  We also have the ability to make a statement piece should you so desire; beyond the impressiveness of having an entire wall that moves to join or separate spaces, it can aesthetically become a centerpiece of your design with vibrant colors, patterns and materials.



This era of pandemic and safety protocols has brought with it unsightly reminders of our need to separate from one another.  Raydoor provides an opportunity to take this necessity and elevate it to something artistic and inviting.  Beyond sliding systems, we have stacking, folding, swinging and even simple pocket doors.  And our newest offering, Barrier, takes advantage of this breadth of knowledge in aesthetically dividing spaces to create a product suitable for desks, countertops and freestanding needs.

Why settle for an ugly sneeze guard when you’ve invested so much creating a stylish space?  Health needs may dictate precautions, but that doesn’t mean they must come at the expense of aesthetics.  While many have settled for temporary materials, a phased re-opening means that these products will be with us for awhile.  And while make-shift solutions may have allowed us to at least re-open doors to our staff and guests, we don’t need to live and work surrounded by ad-hoc answers.

Contact us to find out how Raydoor can help, with truly beautiful solutions for offices, retail, educational and hospitality environments (and more)!