Introducing Our New Product Solution - Raydoor Barriers


We are happy to announce the launch of Raydoor Barrier – a new line of products to help protect against the transmission of germs. We have all now experienced sneeze guards, cough shields and cashier panels in places where they didn’t exist a few months ago. Our new normal is dictating social distancing and safeguards for employees, customers and others, so we’ve developed a set of products to address these new needs.


Raydoor Barriers are separation screens that enhance the look of a space while at the same time providing some protection for its occupants. We’ve drawn on our 20 years of experience in room dividers and operable walls and developed new partitions that can either be free-standing or that sit on a worksurface or counter. They can be combined to create wrap-around shields for receptions desk, between workstations or to separate foot-traffic or seating areas. To complement the nearly endless number of ways you can arrange Raydoor Barriers, we offer a variety of high-quality finishes, including some with anti-microbial additives to help between cleanings. Our new partitions can be had with translucent and even transparent inserts when you need protection but would prefer openness and visibility.


Along with being aesthetically pleasing and functional, Raydoor barriers are made in the USA for short leads times and easy customization. The intense focus on finish and quality that we have applied to our sliding and folding doors now extends to this stationary product. We believe that the return to public spaces and workplaces that is just beginning will be met with relief and excitement, but also some apprehension. One way to let people enjoy being back amongst others, interacting, working, shopping and doing the millions of other things we do in a normal day, is to provide some measure of safety like virus-screens and partitions. These, along with other safety protocols, will allow us to enjoy the company of others once again. We’re looking forward to it.